Pret a Pousser Modulo 2 inkl. 4 Töpfe und 4 Kapseln

Ord.Nr.: 630072Man.Nr.: MODU2-BMCT-UEEAN-Code: 3760290152540

Product description

Connected indoor garden for fresh herbs all year round

Lacking a green thumb? No worries! With this compact indoor garden, fresh herbs and vegetables can be cultivated and harvested all year round at home in your kitchen without much effort. The hydroponic system Lilo Modulo can easily be placed on the table, hung on the wall or be expanded by additional modules. It provides the ideal conditions for growing your plants and supports with advices in the app. The included plant pods contain seeds and substrate with all essential nutrients. Just insert the pods into the floaters, fill up the pots with water and insert the floaters into the pots. The roots will begin to grow through the pods and will absorb oxygen from the water. Equipped with energy-saving LEDs, the light source simulates the sunlight, controls the lighting cycle autonomously and adapt automatically to the ambient light to ensure the best conditions for plant growth.

Lilo Modulo can optionally be paired with Bluetooth and a smartphone, which allows turning the lights on and off, setting the lighting duration and brightness intensity manually and receiving personalized gardening advice for all plants throughout their growing process.

After about four to six weeks you can harvest your first aromatic herbs and after six to seven weeks the delicious mini tomatoes. Basil, chives, Moroccan mint and mini tomatoes are included in the box. The plant pods are made of bioplastic and are biodegradable. Lilo Modulo combines smart functionality with high-quality materials to create a stylish and space-saving design.

  • Versatile indoor garden with app connectivity to grow herbs and vegetables all year round
  • Patented hydroponic solution ensures the roots’ perfect absorption of oxygen and water
  • Plant pods contain seeds and substrate with all essential nutrients
  • Integrated LEDs control the lighting cycle autonomously and adjust automatically to the ambient light
  • Equipped with 47 energy-saving LEDs which simulate the sunlight
  • Lighting duration can be chosen between 12 hours (spring mode) and 16 hours (summer mode)
  • App connectivity via Bluetooth possible allowing manual lighting settings and helpful advices (optional, smartphone is not necessary for usage)
  • Made of sustainable beechwood and iron (bars and props) and HIPS plastic (floaters, pots, light casing)
  • Plant pods are made of compostable bioplastic
  • Energy consumption: 8 W
  • Size (H x W x D): 46 cm (18.1 inch) x 43 cm (17 inch) x 18/15.5 cm (7/6 inch) (standing/hung onto wall)
  • Pot capacity: 750 ml each
  • Weight: 4.5 kg (filled with water)
  • In the box: 5 bars, 2 wood rods, 2 feet, LED lamp, 4 pots, 4 floaters, 4 plant pods (basil, chives, Moroccan mint, mini tomatoes), charging cable (3 m / 9 ft), charger, screws

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